Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2012-3 Student Awards

In April, the History Department presented a number of excellence awards to Geneseo students.  We congratulate the following award recipients as well as our May 2013 graduates.

Scholarships and Awards
  • Dr. Katherine J. Beck Prize for Outstanding Senior History Major:  Co-Awarded to Justin Shapiro and Cory Young 
  • Senior Award for Academic Achievement:  Lila Chambers
  • Senior Award for Community Involvement:  Kala Destefano
  • Dr. William E. Derby Tribute Endowed Scholarship:  Libby White
  • Dr. Roland R. DeMarco ‘30 Memorial Annual Scholarship:  Todd Christensen
  • Jeremy Byrnes Memorial Annual Scholarship:  Liz Dierenfield
  • Bonnie C. Henzel Memorial Endowed Scholarship:  Split between Cindy Trieu and Brittany Lauda
  • William H. Cook/Walter Herzman Memorial Annual Scholarship:  Split between Paul Kennedy and Clare Flynn
  • James K. Somerville Sophomore History Endowed Scholarship:  Split between Casey Berg and Sarah Nafis  

Paper Prizes

  • Valentin Rabe Award for Best 300-Level Research Paper:  Split between Sarah Ahearn, "Joseph Goebbels and the Rise of the Master of Propaganda" and Alec Michael Tare, "'Knocking off their Irons as Fast as They Could':  Slave Ship Rebellions and the Secret Spirit of the Middle Passage" 
  • William E. Derby Prize for the Best HIST 221 Research Paper:  Split between Adam Camiolo, "The Lion of Munster:  Bishop van Galen Against the Nazis" and Jacob McNabb, "The Cultural Contributions and Benefits of the American Game in Rural America" 
  • Jennifer Wachunas Paper Prize in Women’s History:  Stephanie Tyree, "Quasi-war:  Gender-based Violence Against Civilians During Times of War" 
  • For Best Senior Capstone Paper:  Daniel Leunig, "Hiroshima's Americans:  Understanding Japanese-American A-Bomb Survivors' Interpretation of the Bomb and Their Campaign for Medical Aid, 1945-2012"

Sunday, September 1, 2013

History Department Faculty Awards

The department extends its congratulations to the History Department's three 2013 SUNY Chancellor's Award recipients. Justin Behrend received the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Michael Oberg received the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities, and Emilye Crosby won the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service.  The College's press release about this honor is here.

Additionally, Adjunct Lecturer Todd Goehle was awarded the Joseph M. O'Brien Award for Excellence in Part Time Teaching.  Todd is finishing his PhD at SUNY Binghamton this year and has been teaching classes for the department for the past several years (he is also an alumnus of the college).

Professor Emilye Crosvy also won the Oral History Association's 2013 Article Award for her work on "White Privilege, Black Burden: Lost Opportunities and Deceptive Narratives in School Desegregation in Claiborne County, Mississippi.," which appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of Oral History Review.  The College press release about Professor Crosby's award is here.