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One of the questions that we often hear from students and parents is "what can you do with a History degree after graduation?"  At SUNY Geneseo, we've designed a curriculum that reflects important practical and intellectual skills that are integral to the discipline of History but also applicable in a variety of fields.  These include the ability to read deeply and critically, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of arguments and interpretations, to synthesize and contextualize information, to locate and make sense of different types of evidence, and to convey ideas clearly to a variety of different audiences.

Although many of our majors go on to very accomplished careers in teaching, we pride ourselves on the fact that so many Geneseo History alumni also have found success in fields that draw on these skills in different ways.  According to the US Department of Labor, Americans born since 1980 will have held on average nine different jobs before they reach their mid-30s.  In this new and dynamic economic context, disciplines such as History prepare students with practical skills that can be applied in many different fields as well as tools that help them respond creatively to new trends and developments.

To give readers a glimpse into the diverse paths that our students take after graduation from SUNY Geneseo, we asked several of our recent alumni to talk about their career choices and the impact of a Geneseo History education.  We hope that these are useful to those of you who are thinking about a major in History or are wondering what opportunities you have as a History alumnus.

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