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Keven Adams (class of 2012) organized “Partisan Artisans” a display of politically and socially conscious art from 20 local and national artists working in an array styles and mediums at the Community Gallery at Rochester Greenovation in the fall of 2012. His work also was featured in the Geneseo “Meditations on Emancipation” exhibit at the Lederer Gallery on campus in February 2013. (Updated 2013)

Greg Ahlquist (class of 1995) was named New York State Teacher of the Year. Additional information on the award, the highest recognition of teaching in New York State, can be found at 

Jamie Bosket (class of 2005) is Vice President for Interpretation and Events at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate and is responsible for overseeing historical interpretation, historic trades and living history programs, and educational programs and events. He has an MA in Museum Studies from George Washington University and was one of two national recipients of the John F. Kennedy Center’s LEAD award for emerging leaders who demonstrate excellence in cultural access. (Updated 2013)

Amy Breimaier completed a master’s degree at the University of Houston and is currently enrolled in the doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts, studying Early American History. (Updated 2013)

Frank Cafarella is head of the Social Studies department at Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport. (Updated 2012)

Todd Christensen, a current student, helped to organize a summer conference sponsored by the Algebra Project in New Jersey. The primary goal of the conference was to bring a variety of people and institutions together in order to develop a working consensus regarding the future of the organization. (Updated 2013)

Justin Cleveland is a consultant with the National Park Service in San Francisco. He is working on a project renovating Battery Wallace, a World War I era installation north of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Updated 2012)

Barbara Combes Ingrassia is librarian at the Lamar Soutter Library at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA. (Updated 2012)

Adele Costa (class of 2011) will be completing Peace Corps assignment in Morocco in March 2015. She is planning to enter a graduate program in public policy in the fall. (Updated 2015

Katie Deierlein (class of 2010) finished her M.A. in International Education from George Washington University, in May 2012. She is a Program Development Associate for Global Communities (formerly CHF International), an international development non-profit based in the DC metro area, for which she develops potential programs and proposes bids to U.S. Government and private donors. The programs improve livelihoods, microfinance, governance, and the role of civil society, and provide humanitarian assistance to communities worldwide. (Updated 2013)

Andrew DiMartino (class of 2009) completed an MA degree in history at Buffalo in 2012. (Updated 2015)

Michelle Fevola (class of 2010) recently joined the North American Meat Institute in Washington, DC as Manager of Legislative Affairs and Member Services. (Updated 2015)

Clare Flynn (class of 2014) is teaching English in France. (Updated 2015)

Janine Giordano Drake (class of 2005) successfully defended her PhD dissertation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the fall of 2012. Her dissertation is entitled "Between Religion and Politics: The Working Class Religious Left, 1886-1920." (Updated 2013)

Andrew Gustafson completed a master’s degree in history at the University of Houston and is currently Assistant Curator at the Visions of the West/Torch Collection in Houtston. (Updated 2013)

Anders Korn (class of 2012) has been working as a Regional Labor Service Counselor for the New York State Department of Labor, but in the fall he will begin a Master of Arts program in Work and Labor Policy at Empire State College. (Updated 2015)

Amy LaFleur completed a year as English language teaching assistant in a suburban high school near Le Havre, Normandy. (Updated 2013)

Tom Ingrassia (class of 1974) just completed work on his second book, Images of Modern America: Detroit Motown, which will be published by Arcadia Publications in August. The book is a photographic history of the significant role Motown Records and its artists played in American society in the 1960s. Tom has just signed to write his third book, The Passion of Teaching: How Professors Inspire Their Students, on which he is collaborating with Dr. Arni Arnthorsson, who teaches at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico. Tom's current book, One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity By Following Your Dreams received a National Indie Excellence Award in 2014. He and co-author Jared Chrudimsky are currently working to make a documentary film based on the book. In November, 2014, Tom was named Best Radio Personality in The Landmark's Readers' Choice Awards for his show, The Motown Jukebox, on WCUW 91.3FM in Worcester, MA. (Updated 2015)

Emaline Johnson is enrolled in the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education pursuing a master's degree in Childhood Education and Teaching Literacy. (Updated 2012)

Sean Karst (class of 2011) began an M.A. program at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. (Updated 2015)

Will Koch (class of 2011) completed an MA degree in history at Buffalo. (Updated 2015)

Justin Levy is working for Latham and Watkins LLP, a corporate litigation firm based in New York City. (Updated 2012)

Nick Lombardo completed a master’s degree at Syracuse University. He is currently employed with the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the US-India Policy Studies Program. (Updated 2012)

Chris Machanoff is an organizer with Service Employee International Union Local 200 United. (Updated 2012)

Samantha Maurer has been appointed as law clerk for the New York State Court of Appeals in Albany, New York. The Court of Appeals is New York's highest court. As a Central Legal Staff clerk, Samantha will work in the Courthouse in Albany and will prepare reports on appeals and motions for leave to appeal under the direction of the Chief Court Attorney and Deputy Chief Court Attorney. Her work will also include a variety of research projects dealing with criminal, contractual, constitutional, and family-based legal issues, as requested by the individual Judges or the Clerk of the Court. (Updated 2015)

History alumni Ed McGrogan and Danielle Wander (class of 2005) married in August 2012. Ed is currently online editor at Tennis Magazine. (Updated 2013)

Stan McKay has been accepted into the Teach for America program. He will be training with Teach for America staff at Rice University over the summer and will begin teaching middle school in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas next year. (Updated 2012)

Jean (Iovale) Mendler is now working at P.S. 173 Queens, The Fresh Meadow School, as an administrative assistant to the Principal. (Updated 2012)

Andreas Meyris (class of 2012) began a PhD program in history at George Washington University. (Updated 2015)

Laura Miller (class of 2005) is completing a PhD program in History at the University of Massachusetts. (Updated 2013)

Dan Moran (class of 2007) has completed five years of teaching English in China. Next year he will attend seminar and will teach part time at Yale Divinity School where his wife Linn Tonstad is Assistant Professor of Theology. (Updated 2013)

Calie Morris (class of 2012) is in her second year of law school at American University in Washington DC. (Updated 2013)

Jill Robinson Morris and Charlie Morris (class of 2005) both work at North Carolina State University. Jill has a degree in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is now the Assistant Director of NC LIVE, a statewide consortium of 200 academic and public libraries in North Carolina. Charlie also as a masters degree in Library and Information Science from UNC and has been awarded a position in the NC State University Libraries Fellows Program. (Updated 2012)

Tim Munier works at Strong Hospital on the Hematology and Oncology floor as an RN. (Updated 2012)

Steve Nelson works in Syracuse as a copywriter and is planning to enter law school in the fall. (Updated 2012)

Peter Olsen-Harbich is pursuing graduate study at the College of William and Mary, focusing on Native American History (updated 2015).

Rich Olson is working as an analyst for the Department of Defense in Quantico, VA, and is pursuing a master’s degree from Mercyhurst College. (Updated 2012)

Davis Parker (class of 2012) began an MA program in International Studies at Newcastle University. (Updated 2015)

Joshua Porter (class of 2012) is employed in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University and is planning to pursue a master’s degree in history. (Updated 2013)

Luke Rague (class of 2012) completed journalism school at Northwestern University in December 2014. (Updated 2015)

Andrew Reiser completed a master’s degree in history at the University of Houston and is currently enrolled in the History and Native American Studies graduate programs at the University of Maine. (Updated 2013)

Matt Rooks (2008) teaches English in Istanbul, Turkey. (Updated 2013)

Josh Schroeder (class of 2012) began a PhD program in history at the University of Buffalo. (Updated 2015)

Katie Smart (class of 2010) completed a master’s degree at the University of Houston as is currently employed by Duke University Press. (Updated 2013)

Jason Smith was recently appointed Superintendent of Schools in the Lyndonville Central School District. He had previously served as a principal in the Elba Central School District and as a social studies teacher in Albion. (Updated 2012)

Patrick Stegemoeller is pursuing a law degree at Georgetown University (updated 2015). 

Alec Tare (class of 2014) won the Lynn W. Turner prize for the best paper by an undergraduate student member of Phi Alpha Theta (a national paper competition). His submission was his thesis, entitled “‘Nobody Should Use Them Ill … Strike One and Strike All’: Patterns of Evolving Resistance Among Slave Trade Sailors During the Eighteenth Century”. (Updated 2015)

Stephanie Tyree is an English Teacher/Trainer with the Peace Corps, stationed in Cambodia (updated 2015).

Alex Waldauer completed his master's degree in mechanical engineering at Northern Arizona University in Dec. 2011. He currently lives in Syracuse and works for Anaren as a mechanical engineer. (Updated 2012)

Audrey Watkins will be enrolling in the University of Albany's Public History master's program in the fall. (Updated 2012)

Andrea Wenz (class of 2007) has just completed several months of research in Siena, Italy for her PhD in history from Boston College. (Updated 2013)

Shawn Wiemann is Assistant Professor of History at Monroe Community College. (Updated 2013)

Brian Whitney (class of 2011) is teaching English in Spain. (Updated 2013)

Cory Young (class of 2013) began a PhD program in history at Georgetown University.

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